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Program Description

From theory to application. We draw upon timeless principles from the arts, psychology and science to create a highly interactive learning experience with an emphasis on roll up your sleeves – real time application. The framework for the agenda is our 3 stage Presentation Development Process.

Stage 1: Plan

Topics include:

  • tools to focus your thinking and get clear on your desired outcomes
  • audience profile
  • presentation logistics
  • developing more effective, results-oriented content

Stage 2: Produce

Topics include:

  • principles of structure
  • idea generation
  • create the content
  • 90 second attention-grabbing introduction
  • criteria for selecting effective visuals for maximum impact
  • anticipating audience resistance and questions

Stage 3: Perform

Topics include:

  • what makes an effective delivery style
  • how to use verbal, vocal and visual components
  • techniques to feel more relaxed and in-charge when speaking
  • how to eliminate distracting habits
  • control question periods
  • develop confident answers in pressure situations

To support continued progress after the program, participants receive a copy of their videotaped presentations.